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Movie Review: Crypsis (2019)

Harker Island is deep in the sinister soup, as the wicked woods that cover the local are seemingly home to one hell of a creepy creature. Unfortunately for them, a group of city slickers make a bet to see who can make it through a camping trip on the island… and the expected result ensues; namely that maniacal monster begins ripping them a new asshole free of charge!

Crypsis is a creature feature with a lot going for it. Leading the plus pack is the fact that this fright flick wastes precious little time getting to the monster-based stalk n’ slay action we came for. This is a tense, fast paced thrill ride with plenty of peril for our heroes to endure.

Speaking of our heroes, while they aren’t the most well-defined of characters, they are a likable bunch of ball busters that manage to make us care if they get out of this monstrous mess with their hides intact.

As for the beast on display, it’s an effective one and is realized through practical effects work. Visually looking like a cross between a swamp witch and one of those nightmares from The Descent this thing makes for a formidable foe, and the movement set created by suit actor Dave Racki gives the creature an animal presence that really sells the danger of the horror.

Adding to the whole affair is the cool, almost monochromatic color scheme that adds a gloomy, oppressive aesthetic to the proceedings and makes the environment the events take place in not one you’d want to park your arcane ass in for any length of time.

On the downside if innovation or complex narrative is your bag you can look elsewhere. Crypsis, despite that far out title, is nothing ground breaking story-wise. Monster stalks some fools out in the woods is a horror biz greatest hit, but it’s a classic for a reason; it works, and this film makes effective use of the trope to deliver some solid suspense and man vs. monster action.

So yeah; if you want a solid creature feature that is well done and nicely paced I’d definitely say give Crypsis a wicked whirl!





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