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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Receives New Videos – All Trailers And Promos

  A series of new videos have arrived for Paul W.S. Anderson’s  highly-anticipated zombie flick ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter‘ and they are awesome. ‘The Final Chapter’ picks up immediately after the events in ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’, Alice is the only survivor of what was meant to be humanity’s final stand against the undead. “Now, […]

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Take A Trip To The Morgue With A New Clip From The Autopsy Of Jane Doe

  The supernatural murder-thriller ‘The Autopsy of Jane Doe’, directed by André Øvredal, is now playing in theaters. Take a trip to the ‘Morgue’ in a brand new clip (below).     Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox co-star as father and son coroners. One night they receive the body of a nameless homicide victim (Olwen Catherine Kelly) […]

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Selene Prepares To Operate In The New Clip From Underworld: Blood Wars

  The fifth installment of the ‘Underworld’ franchise will soon be here.  In the latest clip released from ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ we see Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and her ally David (Theo James) in a medical room. David has been wounded and Selene is gearing up to operate. She must remove a projectile while trying not to […]

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A New Exclusive Clip Unleashed From Incarnate – In Theaters December 2nd

  A new sneak peek clip, titled ‘Blue Door’, has arrived from the highly-anticipated possession thriller ‘Incarnate’, via BH Tilt. Aaron Eckhart stars alongside Carice van Houten, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Keir O’Donnell , Matt Nable, John Pirruccello and David Mazouz. Brad Peyton (San Andreas) directed the film, based on the script penned by Ronnie Christensen (Dark […]

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Watch Noomi Repace Be Abducted In This Clip From Rapture

  A clip from Steven Shaiberg’s ‘Rapture’ has arrived and features Noomi Repace’s character being kidnapped by strangers after her car breaks down.     The script. penned by Brian Nelson (30 Days of Night), is based on the story that he created with Shainberg. ‘Rapture’ stars Noomi Repace (Prometheus) and Michael Chiklis (American Horror […]

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Selene And David Get Ready To Bare Their Teeth In The New Clip From Underworld: Blood Wars

  The fifth installment of the ‘Underworld’ franchise will soon be here.  In the first clip from ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ we witness a discussion between Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and her ally David (Theo James) about the intensifying war between the vampires and lycans, and her search for her daughter.   “The next installment in the […]

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Watch Officer Downe Blow A Nun’s Head Off In This Brand New Clip

  Michael Shawn Crahan’s ‘Officer Downe’, after premiering at the Los Angeles Film Festival, will arrive on VOD on November 18th from Magnolia’s Magnet Releasing. ‘Officer Downe’ is an adaption of the brutal comic by Chris Burnham and John Casey, by the same name. Written by Joe Casey, ‘Officer Downe’ is directed by Crahan, best […]

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Great Whites Are Hungry In The New Clip For ‘In The Deep’

  Shark film ’47 Meters Down’ has been renamed ‘In the Deep’. The film stars Mandy Moore and Clair Holt as sisters cage-diving. When their boat leaves them stranded in an observation cage, they are trapped on the ocean floor, surrounded by Great Whites. ‘In the Deep’ was directed by Johannes Roberts, who co-wrote the […]

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