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New Details On Season Two Of Penny Dreadful

    ‘Penny Dreadful’ sucks you into a world where figures from the world of  classical literature come to life in a dark and beautiful world. The show is absolutely incredible. The literary characters and story blend so well together and Eva Green’s performance in ‘Penny Dreadful’ is truly mind blowing.   In the show, the lovely Vanessa Ives (Eva Greene)  battles […]

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“Women In Horror Month” Spotlight: The Soska Sisters

Jen and Sylvia Soska are the two hottest women in horror. The duo are making big waves in the horror world. The lovey ladies have acted in, written and directed several great projects . ‘See No Evil 2’ and ‘The ABC’s Of Death 2’ are just two of their latest films. 2012’s ‘American Mary’ is my personal favorite. […]

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Stephen King’s New Film ‘Cell’

Stephen King’s ‘Cell’ has been adapted into a new film. The master of the horror  wrote the screenplay for the film himself, along with Adam Alleca. Director Tod “Kip” Williams, the director of ‘Paranormal Activity 2’, is tasked with bringing the movie to life. A mysterious cell phone signal causes chaos on a major scale by reprograming people’s minds, […]

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A Look At The Indie Horror ‘The House Of Screaming Death’

‘The House Of Screaming Death’ is an indie horror anthology, reminiscent of the Gothic horror films of the 1970’s. The film is narrated by a mysterious stranger known only as “The Architect’ and is designated into four eerie tales. Each segment is introduced ‘The Architect’ in front of an audience gathered in an old abounded […]

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Title : Dying Light Publisher : Warner Brothers, Interactive Entertainment Developer : Techland Genre : Survival Horror Players : 1 Release Date : 2015 Estimated Value (as of today’s date) : $59.99 A few years back, a little game by the name of DEAD ISLAND surfaced out of the muck and grime of pitiful modern […]

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