An Interview With KRUEL’s Director Robert Henderson

December 27, 2014

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Robert Henderson, the director of  Sunset Studios’ new indie movie KRUEL, a horror/thriller about an obsessed psychotic ice cream man who stalks and abducts a young woman. KRUEL will be in select theaters May 29, 2015.


You can read the full article about KRUEL here:

“Writer/director Robert Henderson fell in love with movies at a young age, in large part
due to his mother’s (a former stage actor) love for everything entertainment.
Before her death at a relatively early age, he promised her he would one day
succeed in the passion they both shared.
After attending the University of Colorado, where he studied theater as a minor, he began to pursue his passion as an actor and eventual screen writer. He co-wrote the drama To Heir is Human which was directed by his brother. He almost got his first big break when Universal Studios accepted his western script Come Hell or High-water for consideration.
After the initial limited success, Henderson took a long break from his dreams in order to raise a family. The itch never left though and when his daughter began to develop as an actor in her own right, he decided it was time to re-engage into the world of moviemaking. Henderson and his wife Colleen formed the company Boo Reese Productions where he went on to write, produce and direct his first movie Kruel which has gone on to receive worldwide distribution.” 

Henderson, now lives in Jacksonville Florida and is currently in development on his next feature film.”


KM: “Mr. Henderson, you have always been influenced by film, was there one in particular that
stood out?”
RH: ” The movie JAWS had a huge influence on me as a kid and still does in many ways today (other than the outdated special effects). It really was a true monster movie but with great character development.”

KM: “What made you decide to return to film now?”
RH: “Technology was a huge factor but also my kids are older now and thus there is less impact for me to make a career change.”

KM: “Can you tell us about your film KRUEL ?”
RH: “With KRUEL I attempted to show that we can be disappointed by people (we trust) on all different levels from an unfaithful boyfriend to a deranged ice cream man but that most of us, in the end, aspire to do the right thing.”

KM: “What was your inspiration for writing KRUEL ?”
RH: “The simple answer is that I’ve heard many people over the years say that the ice cream truck kind of freaked them out so I thought it would be a nice hook for a story.”

KM: “If you don’t mind me asking, what are you working on now?”
RH: ” A movie called NEW YEAR’S DAWN. It’s a cross between CRASH and DOG DAY AFTERNOON.”

KM: “And now for the question I ask everyone I interview, What is your favorite horror movie and why?”
RH: “I’m dating myself again but I really liked the original HALLOWEEN and THE THING.”

KM: “Both are great movies.”

I look forward to seeing what Robert creates in the future. Be sure to check out Robert Henderson’s new films and KRUEL.


The trailer for Robert Henderson’s movie KRUEL.


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