Movie Review: ‘The Occupants’ (2014)

May 27, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Lucy’s life seems pretty nice, she has a caring husband, a beautiful baby and a new home. She seems to have it all, until her and her husband, Wade, begin to see the spirits of a man, his wife and daughter. Lucy wants to help the family, but when she and Wade begin to be physically attacked, she doesn’t know what to do except to protect her baby.

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Nothing in this movie is what it seems. When everything comes to light in the last fifteen minutes of the ‘The Occupants’ , it makes you question everything you have seen in the entire movie, it’s a psychological twist you won’t see coming.  I was very impressed with Cristin Milioti’s (The Wolf of Wall Street) portrayal of the main role of Lucy. Michael Rady (J. Edgar) plays the role of supporting husband. Holly Golden and Todd Alcott, who also directed, did a great job of creating a nice movie. The action and timing were dead on and the special effects were subtle, but very appropriate. All in all ‘The Occupants’ was entertaining and worthy of recommendation.

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‘The Occupants’ is now out on DVD.




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