Meet Deep Blue The Real ‘Jaws’ – World’s Largest Shark Captured On Video

June 12, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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jaws real 1



Most movie fans have seen the 1975 classic film that pits a group of men against a relentless giant shark. There is no doubt that the 26 foot monster, nicknamed Bruce, scared an entire generation of beach goers. Now Bruce is running a close race with a real life beast.


deep blue 4

The (real) Great White next to a boat.


The shark, named “Deep Blue” is a massive Great White over 20 feet long. Deep Blue is one of, if not the, biggest Great Whites ever caught on film. “Deep Blue” was caught on camera during the taping of a Discovery Channel program last year. The footage was captured near Mexico’s Guadalupe Island. The team was able to tag the shark, that is estimated to be around 50 years old, before she headed to a feed off of a seal colony.  To top things off, at the the time of the encounter Deep Blue was heavily pregnant and tipping the scales at an estimated 5,000 pounds. Now, new footage has surfaced of the interaction between the shark and divers.


deep blue 1

She’s a big, beautiful girl.

deep blue 3

Move over Bruce, Deep Blue’s coming through.


Maybe this videos will put things in perspective for you.


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