Romero’s Aftermath Has A Shaky Start

September 29, 2015

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

George C. Romero, son of the man that brought the living dead to our screen 47 years ago, has teamed up with Free Reign Entertainment for a free-to-play zombie survival MMO – but don’t get your hopes up.

I am not one to ever disparage anyone for doing something they love, but with mostly negative Steam reviews, and as far as I can tell a developer with no official site, it’s hard to put a lot of trust into it. While it’s still only just come out of Beta testing, reviews state that it’s essentially a rehash of Infestation: Survivor Stories – a game that went through multiple name changes and was critically panned for being chock full of micro transactions and bugs. Which makes a bit of sense considering the development teams are made up of mostly the same people, and lead by Sergey Titov.


While Aftermath does have it’s share of bugs and micro transactions, it also adds on to what I:SS had originally started with base-building, better crafting and the ability to liberate towns from hordes of zombies. Now, since this game is still technically in the testing stages, there is still much that could be improved within the next few months. Hopefully the developers focus on that, because I believe this game could be something great. What zombie loving gamer wouldn’t want to team up with a buddy or two and slay the masses of undead relentlessly chasing you?


So I conclude with this: It’s a free game. If you’ve got a PC and a Steam account, it’s worth checking out. It’ll only cost you a few minutes/hours of your time. It may be your thing, it may not be. To each their own, y’know? Check out the trailer below and make your educated decision. However, you may be better off with DayZ for the time being.

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