Crying Wolf To Be Unleashed This December

November 1, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Uncork’d Entertainment’s ‘Crying Wolf‘ will be unleashed in select theaters on December 12th. The British werewolf horror-comedy was written by Andy Davie, Michael Dale, and Tony Jopia, who also directed the movie. ‘Crying Wolf stars Hugh Edwards (‘Apocalypse’),Guy Mannerings (‘Kingsman’), Marco Radice (‘Dark Soulmate’), Gabriela Hersham (Gypsy), Kristofer Dayne (‘Going Home’), Rosie Pearson (‘Razzle Dazzle’), Ian Donnelly (‘Deadtime’), Kimberly Jaraj (‘Knife Edge’), David Sellicks (‘The Zombie King’) and Roger Pinkha.


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‘Crying Wolf’ begins in a small English village named Deddington, a town that frequently experiences strange happenings. After the brutal death of a local woman is blamed on a rabid creature, two hunters on a mission of revenge, arrive undercover as camping guides. A group of friends has hired the guides to take them camping, not knowing their secret of being a pack of werewolves is known. On their way to the campsite, they pick up two hitchhikers and one of the group’s stepsister. Tensions run high and things are about to get wild.


Be sure to check out our review of ‘Crying Wolf’. Don’t worry, we never spoil the ending of a film in our reviews.



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