Billy Zane And Vanessa Angel Are Having ‘Trouble Sleeping’

November 12, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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The psychological thriller ‘Trouble Sleeping’ stars Billy Zane, Vanessa Angel, Rick Otto, Ingrid Eskeland, Kale Clauson and Fred Stoller. The film was directed by Robert Adetuyi,

trouble sleeping 1


‘Trouble Sleeping’ follows Justin, just cleared by his psychiatrist, as he comes to live with his stepmother and her new husband. It just so happens, in two weeks Justin turns 21 and inherits the family’s country estate, where they are currently living. But Justin’s stepmother and her husband have no intention of letting Justin claim his inheritance. Justin’s stepmom’s husband, Alex, has given permission to a PH.D. student, name August, to stay at the home while she writes a book on Justin’s late father. But August is not who she seems to be. When everyone is under one roof, things get complicated quick.

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