Perception – A Look Into Blind Horror

November 21, 2015

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

The Deep End Games is trying something new in the genre of horror gaming. Much like other games, Perception puts a near defenceless character in a scenario filled with the unexplainable and the unsettling. However this time, your protagonist is blind. Yeah, you heard me, not deaf, blind. The story follows Cassie, a young woman who must use her wits and superior sense of hearing to solve the mysteries that plague the abandoned estate of Echo Bluff.


Now, don’t worry, because the game isn’t going to just throw you into a dark room and expect you to fumble your way out. In fact it’s quite the opposite. You are geared to take on the haunts with a unique ‘echolocation’ style of sight, where every sound triggers a ripple, allowing you to see what’s around. Yet, even with that, your vision is still limited and leaves you wide open for scares; both subtle and in yo’ face. Especially since you are constantly hunted by this creepy assed being only known as ‘The Presence”



The game launched on Kickstarter back in May, and reached it’s goal of just $150,000 by the end of June. It helps that the developers of this game have an impressive resume. Other games a few of them have been a part of are Dead Space, the BioShock series, and Rock Band to name a few.


There’s been no release date as of yet, but they are currently working on a ‘vertical slice’, or a working portion of the game for us regular people to be able to try it out, instead of just watching videos and hoping for the best. It’s one of the better ways to prove that the ones who have backed the project are getting their money’s worth, instead of just making virtual promises like many other kickstarters.

Good luck to The Deep End Games, and I look forward to playing the final product.

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