On This Week’s Episode Of Ash VS Evil Dead, “The Host”, Ash Is All Tied Up

November 26, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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“The Host”

host 5


This past Saturday (episode 4) we saw Ash (Bruce Campbell), Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) pay a visit to Pablo’s Uncle, a Bruja, to try to uncover secrets of the Necronomicon so that Ash can rid the world of deadites once again. While Ash takes a trip, of the spiritual kind, where he finds his inner “happy place”, complete with both hands, Kelly was possessed and tried to kill him. Meanwhile, Pablo began working on building a new hand for Ash.



host 2


There was another development in Saturday’s episode, Ruby (Lucy Lawless) revealed to Detective Fisher (Jill marie Jones) what her connection to Ash was. It turns out, that the couple and their daughter that Ash killed in The Evil Dead was actually Ruby’s parents and her sister. Not only does she blame Ash, she has his possessed hand, the one he lopped off. Now Ruby is using the hand to find Ash, so that she might finally get her revenge.



host 4


The episode tied in beautifully with the original films, complete with flash backs. Ash vs Evil Dead just keeps getting better! The series is everything I had been hoping for and more. The writers for the series really should get a pat on the back, not only are there great story lines, Ash is a never ending source for great one-liners, like “When evil shows up – it blows up”.


host 3

On this week’s episode, “The Host”, Ruby and Fisher are hot on Ash’s trail, with his hand pointing the way. Ash is all tied up and about to have a good old exorcism, too bad he’s not the one that’s possessed.





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