Norman Reedus Still Wants Silent Hills

November 29, 2015

Written by Capt McNeely

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There were very few smiles the day Silent Hills was stricken from Konami’s roster. In fact I feel bad for even bringing it up. But not for good reason! There’s a silver lining to this tale of woe. It might not be a “HOLY SHIT GUYS THEY ARE MAKING IT!” silver lining, but it’s good to hear nonetheless.


Norman Reedus has recently stated that he is still totally down for the game to be made. Even though Konami has axed the project, Reedus has faith that Del Toro, Kojima will still be able to collaborate in the future on another project. I mean, with petitions going around the web since the announcement of the cancellation reaching thousands signatures, someone is bound to jump on to complete this project and get it done.

Del Toro also gave his two cents on why he thinks it would have been a great experience for gamers. Word is, they were trying something new when it came to horror games, merging haunting atmospheres with an intense series of moments. It would keep the player not only fully engaged in the story and puzzles, but constantly looking over their shoulders for whatever the hell is watching them.


They managed to get a bit of the motion capture footage done with Reedus, and were about to make a breakthrough on the story when Konami pulled the plug. As long as that didn’t end up lost in the realm of Deleted Content we can still possibly get some of what we loved from the P.T. Not all hope is lost. In fact, about 4 months ago it was announced that Del Toro and Kojima will be working together on…something. Whether it’s the Silent Hills game we want or not, it is a collaboration this world needs. With Reedus’ enthusiasm for what it was, I can see this working out to everyone’s benefit in the near future.

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