Leatherface and Xenomorph coming to Mortal Kombat X

December 4, 2015

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG


“GET OVER HERE!” is what Scorpion will be regretting when the Xenomorph launches its huge array of teeth into his skull.

“Mortal Kombat X” the newest installment to the premiere fighting series is getting a second season pass that is going to add 4 new DLC fighters to its ever growing roster. In a new trailer released tonight during the Video Game Awards we got to see the newest characters to be added. First we begin with returning classic character Bo Rai Cho, a drunken fist combat master. Triborg, a cyborg created from the remains of former characters cyborg Cyrax, Sektor and Smoke. After the success of Jason from the first seasons pass we are now getting another iconic slasher Leatherface from the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” series and lastly we are getting the Xenomorph with a unique twist that this Xenomorph was born from Baraka who is know for his huge jaws and blades that erupt from his wrist and as seen in the trailer the Xenomorph will have these 2 traits and more!

No exact price or release date was confirmed with the exception of all these characters to be released during the first quarter of 2016 and seeing how the last seasons pass was $30US I wouldn’t be surprised if it were priced the same. “Mortal Kombat X” was released back in April and is avaliable now for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Here’s the trailer.


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