A Look At The Horror Thriller A Place In Hell

January 20, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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a place


CuffLink Productions in association with FrameLevel Films and Don’t Go There Productions have announced that their dark thriller, A Place in Hell, is set for its Canadian release on February 16th, followed by its US release at a later date. The film was both written and directed by David Boorboor, a local director and has filmed in Philadelphia. Creamy Acres Farms’, located in New Jersey, was one of the locations were scenes were shot. Ed Cuffe, David Boorboor served as Producers along with Mike Reuten serves as Executive producer; Tierney Boorboor as Line Producer; Sonny Vellozzi as Co-Producer; Robert Bizik, Will Beaman and Mark Elson are listed as Associate Producers.

Director David Boorboor

Director David Boorboor


Lewis Smith (Django Unchained) and Noree Victoria (Quarantine 2: Terminal) star in the film along side Atif Lanier, Danny Donnelly, Caroline Elizabeth, Krista Robelle, Brooke Storm and Brandon Essig.



Krista Robelle as Holly and Brooke Storm as Kait

Day 11 February 2, 2014 206 Crown Point Road Logan Township, NJ 08085 DerekBrad.com

Noree Victoria as Nicole and Caroline Elizabeth as Lizzie

The thriller is set on a Halloween night at a fright farm in the New Jersey country side, closed for the winter. A Place in Hell follows a young woman named Nicole (Victoria) and a group of film students as they shoot a horror movie for their final grade. Meanwhile, Detective John McInnes (Smith) struggles to find redemption while consumed by his five year obsession with capturing a notorious serial killer. The killer has taken refuge from the winter weather at the farm. The students soon realize that they are not alone. The disgraced detective may the groups only hope for survival.



Danny Donnelly as Darren and Brandon Essig as Johnny


A Place in Hell was inspired by the true story of African American serial killer Harrison Graham, nicknamed “The Corpse Collector”. Graham was active in the Philadelphia area in the 1980’s.



Atif Lanier as Harrison

A Place in Hell held its sold out premier at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival this past October. Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada will be distributing in Canada, with IndustryWorks Pictures, the company behind American Mary and Wrecker, handling world wide distribution. We will post an update as soon as the US release date is announced.


photocat lewis

Lewis Smith as Detective John McInnes

Day 18 February 11, 2014 Clover Motel DerekBrad.com

Michael Voight as Detective Voight and Ed Cuffe as The Capt.


To learn more about the film and for regular updates follow A Place In Hell on Facebook and Twitter and visit the film’s website .


In the real case of ‘The Corpse Collector’, Graham was evicted from his apartment the landlord. The landlord sent his son and nephew to check out the apartment. The two men discovered a boarded-up-room, when they looked through the key hole they saw not only trash, but the legs of a dead woman. After the cops cleared the room they discovered the bodies of seven women in different states of decomposition. Graham fled and was on the run for only a week before he turned himself in to police. He was deemed incompetent to stand trial due to autism, but the judge still sentenced him to execution on seven counts of first-degree murder and seven counts of abusing a corpse, in April of 1988.


Special thanks to Tierney Boorboor, a producer for A Place in Hell.

A Place in Hell Photography by Howard Gaines, Derek Brand and Jennifer Helene

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