The Haunted World Of CW To Debut 6th Season This Month

February 17, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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On February 19th, the mocumentary webseries GG13: The Haunted World of CW will debut it’s sixth season.

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From the press release:

“In season six not only it’s story but it’s scope as our hapless heroines and heroes go into the monster hunting business for themselves in the wake of the devastating blows suffered in Season 5. Constance Wilmenson takes over the investigations after the mysterious attack on her sister and GG13 founder Claire. With the help of reformed cult member Jessie and her younger sister, the troubled telekinetic Whisper, Constance and Co. will face their greatest menagerie of creatures, spirits, and supernatural beings yet as they seek out the terrifying truths behind paranormal phenomena and urban legends.

The Haunted World of C W  will also be launching a new web site that will give fans a higher level of interactivity.  The site will also be introducing “fan missions” that will give viewers an opportunity to interact and affect series and the its outcome more than ever before.”

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The webseries is written and directed by The GG13 Collective, made up of Dustin Austen, Bradley Scott, Maurice Thomas, Athena Murzda, with editing by Dustin Austen. It stars Athena Murzda as Constance, Bradley Scott as Jessie, Natasha Murzda as Whisper, Marurice Thomas as King James, Stevie Vaneck as Liz Rielly, Octavious Maximus as John, Charles Murzda as Master Murzda, Marc Tresenrider as Branson and Paco as himself. Photography and lighting is handled by Rana Murzda and the fight choreography by Charles Murzda. Timothy Novotney created the series’ theme.

For more on the series and for updates follow The Haunted  World of CW on Facebook and  Twitter and visit The Haunting of CW on Youtube to watch episodes.

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