On Last Night’s The Walking Dead “Knots Untie”

February 29, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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twd knots 2

Last night on The Walking Dead (Knots Untie) we witnessed several important turning points, new characters and countless “awww” moments. Warning spoilers ahead, stop reading now if you haven’t seen the episode.

Let’s start with all of the touching moments we witnessed in episode 11, beginning with the flirting between Abraham and Sasha. Yes, Abraham was thinking about Sasha while he was in bed with Rosetta. It came across like Abe is crushing hard on Sasha, which may lead to tensions between the three in the long run. We got a look at Maggie and Glenn’s unborn baby and it is official Rick and Michonne are a couple, and it’s awesome!

abe knot

Much of last night’s episode showed that the ladies of Alexandria are not to be toyed with or disrespected. Michonne made it clear last night that nobody messes with her man when she turned badass while Rick was fighting. And Maggie showed that she will not back down or be pushed around during her talked with Hilltop’s leader Gregory.

maggie 6b 12

After Rick and the group arrived at Hilltop we met Gregory (Xander Berkeley), who reminds us A Lot of the Governor. He’s cocky, rude and insisted on being a jerk to the group, he’s also only out for number one. He insisted on calling Maggie by the wrong name, but in the end she puts him in his place. During the groups’ visit one of Hilltop’s people come back from a run and stabs Gregory, before being put down by Rick, he says he stabbed Gregory because he had no choice, Negan has his brother. It’s revealed that Hilltop has been giving supplies to Negan and his men to keep him form attacking the settlement. Rick and the group make an agreement with Gregory (who survived the attack) that in exchange for supplies they will “take care of Negan”. If they only knew who they are about to face.

twd knots 1

AMC really nailed a moment from the comic after Rick kills the Hilltop member during the fight.

what n

Negan will make his debut during the season 6 finale. Those of you who read the graphic novels, you know what this means. For those of you who don’t know, Negan is going to kill someone we love. The question remains, who will it be? The show has deviated from the graphic novels before, so it’s not 100% clear if he will kill the same person on the show. You might not want to read the next sentence if you want it to be a surprise. There are two main people who could end up on the wrong side of Negan’s favorite toy, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire named Lucille, Glenn or Daryl, either would break our hearts.

negan lucille

Negan will be played by Jeffery Dean Morgan. Morgan, best known for his roles in the film Watchmen and as Jon, the father of Sam and Dean Winchester on Supernatural, will be an ideal fit for the role.

negan n1

There is also another danger that could lead to potential trouble. Carl and a few main members of the group stayed behind in Alexandria. The Wolves are still lurking and Enid may be their way in. That’s right, we may have double the heart break. As always, The Walking Dead love to leave the final episode of the season in a cliff hanger and us counting down to the start of the next season.

Here’s a sneak peek of the next episode ‘Not Tomorrow Yet’.

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