An Interview With Horror Author Scott M. Baker

March 18, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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I recently sat down with Scott Baker, an author and ex CIA man, to talk about his many novels. And boy does he have many. The subject matter differs between his books and trilogies, but they all have one common element, horror.




KM “Tell us about your time in the C.I.A. if that is something you can talk about.”

SB “Sure, I spent much of my time monitoring terrorist groups. I spent the last ten years going after cyber terrorists.”


KM “What is your latest novel THA: Trans Human Assassins about?”

SB “It’s about the government making trans-humans, taking humans to the next level. I read about these zombie ants made by a fungus that drives the ants to serve a single purpose. The trans-humans are like that. They’re not zombies so to speak, but the government has reprogrammed these people to serve only one purpose, to assassinate targets.”


KM “Where did the inspiration  for your novel Yeitso come from?”

SB “Yeitso was inspired the giant bug movies of the 1950s. It’s also influenced by an old Navajo legend. While doing research I found this great bug, the Bombardier Beetle, that’s what my bug is based on.”


photocat yeitso


SB “I’m also working on a young adult series called Hellgate. It will be made up of six to seven books. The books are told from the point of view of a sixteen year-old boy. During a scientific experiment portals between heaven and hell are created all over the world. He sets out to close the gates and save the world.


KM “What about your zombie novels, the Rotter series? Can you tell us about those?”

SB ” Rotter World is the first of the series, followed by Rotter Nation and finally Rotter Apocalypse. The Rotter World trilogy tells the action-packed story of a small band of humans and vampires trying to survive a zombie outbreak. The saga takes them from their isolated camp along the coast of Maine and sends them on a nation-wide journey where they discover that the greatest dangers do not necessarily come from the living dead. The series concludes with an apocalyptic battle between human, vampire and zombies in which only one species can survive.”


book -- Rotter World large


KM “What other novels of your’s should our reader’s check out?”

SB ” Let’s see, there is Nazi Ghouls From SpaceDead Water, and my zombie trilogy Cruise of the Undead. There is also my vampire trilogy The Vampire Hunters, which will be available on Amazon next month.”


photocat dead water


KM “What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

SB “The most important thing they can do is write every single day. It doesn’t matter how many pages you write or how good it is. Half of it you will revise, and the other half you will throw out. But you’re practicing the craft, and that’s what is important. Because at the end of the day, writers write. All the plot outlining, all the character profiles, all the research means nothing if you don’t put pen to paper. And for God’s sake, stay with it. It takes years to build an audience. Everyone who is published and is successful as a writer has one thing in common – they don’t give up.”

Follow Scott Baker on FacebookTwitterPintrest and visit his blog to read some of his short stories and Goodreads page to learn more and to receive regular updates about his latest projects. You can purchase most of Scott’s novels by visiting Amazon or by clicking their highlighted name in this interview to find out more. He’ll be adding more books soon, including an anthology of short horror stories.

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