Actor/Musician Daniel Newman Appears On The Walking Dead

April 9, 2016


Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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In the next to last episode of season 6 of The Walking Dead, during the scene where Rick and Morgan were searching for Carol. The men came across a large barn surrounded by walkers. Suddenly, Rick and Morgan see a man dart from behind the barn. Rick fires, but misses and we hear the man say that the’s just looking for his horse. In the finale Morgan finds the man’s horse and rides away to search for Carol. After Carol is shot by a Savior, Morgan shoots him dead. Suddenly there are two men dressed in body armor standing in front of him and Carol. Morgan reaches out the man with red hair and tells him him Carol needs help. This is an important encounter. It may lead Morgan and Carol to a new group.



The man on foot is none other than Daniel Newman. The actor-musician-model has appeared in a wide variety of films and TV series including The Dark Knight Rises, The Vampire Diaries, Heroes and Children of the Corn. Newman can also be found on the soundtracks of Fantasyland, 90210 and Twighlight and is currently recording an album with producer Tony Shimkin. Newman’s career is not limited to only entertainment. He has walked the runway for top designers such as Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Tommy Hilfiger.


daniel 2

daniel 1


If you look closely at what Newman’s character was wearing you will see that it looks very similar to one of the characters in the comics from a community known as The Kingdom.


the kingdom


Morgan and Carol may have made a connection that will play huge role in the group’s survival.


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