Three New Antihero Original Series Coming To Netflix

May 19, 2016


Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Netflix is working hard to expand their original programming, and is doing a mighty fine job I might add. With shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones forming huge fan bases, it’s no surprise that they are adding shows along the same lines, including Punisher. Marvel and Netflix have created a winning partnership and according to sources they’re adding three new series that fans will finding interesting.


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According to MovieCreedLive and, their sources have reported that Netflix will be adding live-action series based on Blade, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight to their streaming library. While it hasn’t been confirmed, the information sounds pretty legit.


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2007’s Ghost Rider did pretty well, however the 2011 sequel bombed with fans. Moon Knight, the lesser known of the three, has a lot of potential in the right hands. In my opinion, each of the three series could be great.

Netflix proved that they could make fantastic streaming series with Daredevil, which has impressed the hell out of me. I truly hope that they continue with their plans to bring the three iconic characters to life.


Blade hasn’t seen any onscreen action since Blade Trinity back in 2004, but remains the most popular character of the three potential series. Blade was born a half vampire. He is known as a “daywalker”, due to the fact that sun has no affect on him. He is out to kill as many vamps as he can, while trying to keep his vampire side under control. He is aided in his mission by his companion and vamp killing partner Whistler. He’s often recognized for his trade mark shades and katana (sword).  In the movie franchise, Wesley Snipe stars as Blade. 


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2007’s Ghost Rider did pretty well, however the 2011 sequel bombed with fans.  There have been many Ghost Riders, but the most well known is Johnny Blaze, played by Nicolas Cage, a stunt motorcyclist who made a pact with the Devil in an attempt to save his his father’s life. In return,  he is human during the day, but becomes the Ghost Rider at night. He turns into a badass skeleton lit by hell fire when evil is near. He serves as the “Spirit of Vengeance”. His weapon of choice is a long chain and his Penance Stare.


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Moon Knight is an ex CIA agent turned mercenary. He was left to die in the desert, but crawled to an archaeology dig where his was put at the feet of a statue of  the moon god Khonshu. He died but was brought to life and he swore to change his ways and wage war on crime. He created the alias of Steven Grant, a New York millionaire, and works secretly as a vigilantly.




We’ll fill you in when we know more.

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