Season 3 Of Z Nation To Kick Off With A Movie

May 26, 2016


Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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The premiere of season 3 of SyFy’s Z Nation is approaching and Keith Allan (AKA Murphy) is teasing big things for this season. The first interesting tidbit is that this season will open with a movie. We also get to meet several new characters.


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“Season three will start with a movie that will air a few days before the picks up from where we left off,” Alan told fans via Twitter, before continuing that the movie “will introduce characters that are coming up.”


What characters can we be looking forward to meeting?  Executive producer Karl Schaefer has added three new characters to the series. The first is character known as “The Man”. “The Man” will played by Joseph Gatt . Though little else is known about him at this time. The second character is a shady individual called Fox. The actor who will play Fox Has not been revealed. The last character is a shadowy figure met in the finale by DJ Quall’s character Citizen Z.


“I’ll just say [the person is] a she,” Schaefer has said. “It’s an Eskimo girl, and the story’s going to take a turn that not many people will be expecting at all.”


We can’t wait to see what will happen next for the characters we know and love, as well as the ones we have yet to meet.


For those of you who haven’t seen the show, Z Nation follows a group of zombie apocalypse survivors as they try to escort Murphy, the only know survivor of the virus, to a base in California. Citizen Z is acting as their guide through undead America by relaying information to the group from a remote military base. The show is a mix between zombie-killing-action and comedy. Murphy is absolutely hilarious.


If you looking to start the series, check out this video from SyFy and get to know the characters of Z Nation before the season 3 premiere this September. And if you’re wanting to catch up, you can find Z Nation streaming on Netflix.


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