Trailer Arrives For Sam And Mattie’s Spring Break Zombie Massacre

July 4, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Sam Suchmann and Mattie Zufelt, two best friends, who teamed up to write and star in their first full length film Spring Break Zombie Massacre. Let’s face it, there are zombie films everywhere you look, but this one is special. Making a film is never easy for a first timer, but when you add in the fact that both Sam and Mattie have Down Syndrome, completing the film is even more impressive.

The film, directed by Robert Carnevale, features Sam and Mattie as high school students caught in a zombie outbreak.  Zombies are not the only villains in the movie. It also features demons, bionics, and much more. And where would a spring break movie be without wild parties, there are plenty of those in the movie.


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The project caught the eye of Jersey Shore’s Pauly D, who starred in the film free of charge. Madaline Brumby, Tyler Schnabel, Justine S. Harrison, Johnny Collins, Dante Bonfatti, Alex Hollock, Anthony Hoang, and many others co-star along side Sam and Mattie.


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The trailer has just arrived for Spring Break Zombie Massacre, which is over the top and a bit campy, but it looks fun. Check out the trailer (below)!

If you are in the Rhode Island area on July 7th stop be the Columbus Theater in Providence for the world premiere. Visit Sam and Mattie’s Facebook page for more from the dynamic duo. For more information about the premiere and for ticket sales visit the event’s Facebook page.

Rock on Sam and Mattie!

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