Holliston’ Graphic Novel Unleashes Monsters, Aliens And Killers This Halloween

July 20, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

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Hit horror sitcom, Holliston gets a graphic novel! Source Point Press is behind the novelization of the series and is said to have Greg Wright (Monstrous, Wild Bullets) write it! Holliston: Friendship is Tragic! is due out this Halloween on comic book store shelves.

Holliston: Friendship is Tragic! will feature the main characters from the hit program brought to fame by sitcom creator Adam Green, his fellow filmmaker Joe Lynch, and actresses Laura Ortiz and Corri English.

Novel synopsis: “Adam” finds a cursed credit card and buy his friends Halloween gifts. Soon, mad killers, giant monsters, and evil aliens are on the loose, as well as the deadliest threat of all: success!

The sitcom featured horror icons Sid Haig (House Of 1000 Corpse), Danielle Harris (Halloween 4&5), Bill Mosely (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) and music icon Twisted Singer Dee Snider as guest. As a matter of fact, Mosely’s and Snider’s characters in the series, Lance Rocket and Crazy Max, will be featured in the novel as well!

The graphic novel is additionally being edited by Travis McIntire (Up The River, Bayani and The Daughters Of a The Moon) with pencils and inks by Stephen Sharar (Up The River, Wild Bullets) and letters by Joshua Werner (Zombie Rush Riot, Jack of Spades).

Retailers are encouraged to pre-order this novel exclusively through Source Point’ per a statement by Source Point’ art director Joshua Werner “We’ve had great success working directly with stores, which allows us to really get to know where our products are and allows us to better tailor our efforts to meet retailers’ needs.”. As of July 18th, fans have the choice of either paying the cheap, cheap price of $4.99 for just the novel or for $9.99 additionally getting a sketch of a Holliston character drawn by comic book artist Stephen Sharar as well as a mini-poster signed by the graphic novel’s creative team with their purchase. PLUS! If you order your book through ArieScope you’ll get it autographed copy by the cast! That’s not all though! Source Point, will also be drawing randomly 4 people from the list of those who pre-order, to receive an original comic art page from the novel!

Holliston’ was a series 13 years in the making by Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen, Digging Up The Marrow). The series was first picked up by FEARNet which there aired two seasons. The death of Holliston’ cast member Dave Brockie and the collapse of the FearNet network was surely to be the demise of the show but as Adam Green puts it, it was not: “In most cases, the trials and tribulations we have endured as a cast would mean the end of a series,” says Green. “But this is Holliston and we are much more than just a sit-com. We are a bona fide family. By leaning on each other and embracing the overwhelming love and support of our fans (known as the “Holliston Nation”), we never became disenchanted by our unfortunate circumstances or allowed our collective inspirational fire to go out.”.

The series was dubbed “fan fav” by Entertainment Weekly” and also spawned a highly popular podcast dubbed “The Movie Crypt”. The podcast was originally created by series creators Green and Joe Lynch as a form of promotion for the second season of Holliston but two years later, the podcast stands as one of the most popular filmmaking websites on the Internet. The podcast for Holliston attracted such icons like Slash, Greg Nicotero etc. as guest. EW also raved on the podcast in their magazine’s “Top 20 Podcast You Should Be Listening Too” piece. Last year the series was announced to return on the GeekNation network, which also stands as the home of the Holliston podcast.

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I can’t wait to get my copy! Pre-order yours here

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