[TV Recap] SCREAM: Village Of The Damned

July 20, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

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Scream’ returned last night with the almost reveal of Ghost-Face, a drunken Brooke revealing to Lakewood they’re all going to die and the confirmed death of Mr. Branson.


Opening with Audry finding 12 Dead painted in blood on her ceiling with No One Will Forgive You painted in blood on her dresser. Audry in a panic confides in Noah when they then reveal the 12 dead was the body count from the last massacre (last season) and the current one. As plans are made for the Lakewood Days Carnival, sheriff Acosta discovers the evidence leading up to Ms. Lang’s attack. As he searched the contents of her desk that was boxed and brought to him from Lang’s office, he found recordings of Lang’s conversation’s with her students, students including his son.


Meanwhile after that discovery The Sheriff did some investigating in the house Emma and Eli escaped from and found the charred bodies of Mr. Branson and Eddie. This entire thing obviously didn’t sit right with Emma as she brought Eli and herself to be questioned by the Sheriff. The Shieriff then revealed to Emma, a young women in Atlanta has a restraining order filed against Eli and she should keep her distance. As Emma leaves, the Shieriff then enlists his Deputy to keep an eye on her. As Emma shuns Eli and leaves for Keiran, her mother Maggie/the Lakewood Coroner gets put back on the case of the Lakewood Massacre. While Maggie leaves the Shierff alone, he then plays the recording of Ms. Lang’s conversation with his son. As the Sheriff listened he was met by the incriminating evidence that Gustavo knew the killer’s plan, almost too good. As Acosta got home he ransacked his son’s room hoping to find the Ghost-Face mask, during of which he was met by son, with whom told him he wasn’t a killer and also in turn revealing a major part of his and his own backstory. The Sheiff and his son Gustavo came to Lakewood after Gustavo killed someone.


During this Emma reveals to Keiran, Eli told her that Keiran’s mother and step-dad died tragically after Keiran’s fight with them. This lead Kieran to give a very guilty response to that news, which leads me to question: What happened in Atlanta! During this Audry gets a text of a knife grazing across Emma’s face while she’s asleep and a phone call from Ghost-Face revealing to her he or she was after Emma. Audry in shock not knowing how to answer, gets ahold of Emma and goes to the Lakewood Days Carnival to keep an eye/protect her. There Emma meets up with Eli, which consisted of Eli grabbing Emma’s arm trying to convince her he would never hurt her, well that ended with Keiran punching Eli repeatedly, so I would say it didn’t end well for Eli. During this Brooke and Zoe bond back stage before they go on stage to be voted Lady Of The Lake. As Zoe reveals her biggest fear is public speaking she reveals her stash of liquor, Noah shows up shortly after though taking Zoe away for a romantic randevue leaving Brooke alone with the flask.


Flash forward a bit: Zoe returns, rocks her speech and then a drunken Brooke is up next. As she performs her heart breaking/eye opening speech to Lakewood, the laughter that once filled the fair ground became silenced. It was a very powerful scene in my opinion. During this though things got a bit more suspicious for Gustavo. As Maggie shows up at Acosta’s office she reveals to him she ID the second charred body to be Seth Branson formally known as Mr. Branson. As Acosta hears that news and then thumbs through his son’s drawing which features Branson pre-murder what else was he to believe?


While Emma and Noah are giving Brooke props for her speech while her father is gives her grief for it, Emma receives a text from Kieran to meet him at the Ferris Wheel to talk. As Emma leaves and arrives at the Ferris Wheel, there’s no Kerian. With an announcement playing over the loud speakers “30 minutes” until the park closes she begins to worry. But to her relief a call comes in on her phone from Kieran, as she begins to question where he is, the killer’s disguised voice answers instead. Along with a text message on her phone of Kieran tied and gagged inside of the carnival’s Funhouse. During of which the killer texts Audry a video of Emma as she runs into save her boyfriend from brutal death. While Emma searches the clown infested Funhouse for a sign of Kieran, she’s followed by the Lakewood Deputy. Ghost-Face watching in the shadows watches the Deputy and then attacks him leaving his unconscious body for Emma to find. As Emma finds the body and looks up, she’s face to face with her tormenter. In a fit of rage and fear she raised the gun from the deputy’s holster to fire, but it was too late, the killer escaped.


As a flood of cops show up to the scene presumably alerted by the Deputy, Ghost-Face runs out with Emma behind with a gun pointed to his/her head. As another officer starts hand-cuffing Emma for questioning, Ghost-Face gets unmasked. Unmasked to be just one of the Killer’s ploys, Kieran was under the mask. I have to tell you I’m very excited for the big reveal at the end of this season. As Keiran and Emma rekindle during the aftermath, Keiran reveals the big secret he and Eli held from Atlanta. During the night of Keiran’s mother and step-father’s death, Kieran was the one who distracted his step-dad from the road and killed his mother and step-father by the crash.


During that confession, Noah and Zoe finally start to rekindle their flame from last episode but yet again Audry ruined the moment. As Noah was about to cash in his V-card Zoe ended it due to Audry’s incessant phone calls to Noah. While Noah gets turned down, he gets a text from Audry revealing to him she’s about to tell Emma everything. As Audry walks up the stairs to Emma’s bedroom she’s greeted by Emma listening to her confession prematurely. So that’s what Zoe did with that copy. Emma obviously is going to forgive Audry because hey, Emma doesn’t seem like the type to hold a grudge. But my question is, if the killer was that savvy to put his/her costume on Keiran to point the finger at him, does Kieran know who is behind the mask? Does Keiran know who the killer is? Where was Ms. Lang this entire episode???


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