Fear The Walking Dead’ Second Half Of Season 2 Trailer Heads To Tijuana

July 22, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

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Fear The Walking Dead’ ended in May with SPOILER ALERT* Nick, Travis and Chris ditching their family for the open road while a zombie apocalypse was amongst them. Not much of a spoiler but there’s more to come.

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The first half of season 2 went pretty much like this: The Fear’ pose set sail on the open sea, Alyssa used a CB radio to hopefully make contact with somebody outside her family, she became buddy buddy with a guy that in which later tracked her down and tied her family and took her and Travis hostage, the leader of Alyssa’s buddies gang, Reed (Jessie McCartney) then was captured by the Fear’ pose and later became a zombie, the Fear’ pose escaped the gang’s hold on them, Strand revealed he has a boyfriend and his boyfriend’s brother (I don’t recall by blood) takes the Fear’ pose over to his ranch in Mexico, while at the ranch Chris goes insane and tries to kill Madison and Alyssa, Travis runs off with Chris to cool him down, Daniel has hallucinations of his dead wife and burns the ranch to the ground while still inside and Nick ran away. All that with zombies roaming the streets.

Season 2 ended mid-season (see review above) and the second half according to the trailer will find Madison, Ofelia, Alyssa and Strand searching for Nick’s whereabouts p as Travis and Chris still stay astray fighting to survive. But Nick’s whereabouts seem dangerous as he’s seen running from gun-wielding maniacs. The trailer also reveals Daniel didn’t escape the burning ranch and died inside.

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The second half of season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead’ is airing on AMC Sunday August 21st.


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