#SDCC Evil Dead 4′ Still Could Happen! Ash VS Evil Dead’ To Talk Army Of Darkness’

July 24, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

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Evil Dead 4′ isn’t dead! During SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) at one of the press panels, executive producer Rob Tapert teased Evil Dead 4′ could still happen as he’s quoted saying “Nothing’s off the table, we’re thinking about what that could be, and who that would please. Sam [Raimi] talked for many years, teasing the world that we were going to make ‘Evil Dead 4’. And that kind of turned into a TV series. Now Bruce [Campbell] and I are going, ‘Well, there’s a possibility of a movie here.’ So there could be one. Anyways, we’ll see what happens.”

How exciting is this news?! I love Evil Dead! But I also love Ash VS Evil Dead. Now I’m wondering if the TV series has to end before Evil Dead 4′ sees light of day? Anyway, as we all know Ash VS Evil Dead never actually referenced any other films from the Evil Dead trilogy other than Evil Dead 1&2. Further in the panel, Tapert explained why “So, ‘Army of Darkness’ is owned by MGM, and we just never had a chance to properly reference it in the first season,” Tapert continued. “I read somebody’s online thing, ‘Oh look, they’re only pulling from these two [‘Evil Dead’] movies.’ This season, we do bring up Ash’s events in ‘Army of Darkness’, and reference it. It was more that there wasn’t a place for it in our storytelling that we needed to talk about that. If he started blabbing to these shop clerks about, ‘Yeah, I went back to the Middle Ages and did all these things,’. But that is in his memory bank, and he’s going to pull it out at the appropriate time.”

While we await any further news on Evil Dead 4′ why don’t we figure out a idea on how the sequel would make sense. According to BD, most of the ideas for the film were put in the TV series. So that means an entire new idea needs to be thought up. Last season’s and the current season’s events of Ash VS Evil Dead’ would have to fit in somewhere as the series is part of the same universe and is more importantly a continuation of the film trilogy. Last season ended with [SPOILER ALERT] the writer of the Book Of The Dead (Necronomicon) Ruby making a deal with Ash for her to keep the Necronomicon and make the world balanced and for him to live for the good life in Jacksonville with Kelly & Pablo. The new season is reported to take Ash home and battle the deadites once again after somehow Ruby let the book get out of her hands. The ending of this current season is at the moment unknown. Rightfully so we should wait for the finale of season 2 before speculation of a Evil Dead 4, but I’m just really excited.

So, sound off what you’d like to see in Evil Dead 4′ in the comments.

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Ash VS Evil Dead’ season 2 premiers on STARZ, this October. But before you get consumed with “El Jefe” [Pablo’s name for Ash] in season 2 check him out during season 1 on home video.


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