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July 27, 2016


Written by Capt McNeely

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Scream: The TV Series’ has been steadily producing a suspense factor that some horror fans mistake for laziness. Based on the Scream films, the TV series focuses on the relationships between the main characters, the psychological toll on them and the rising body count of their small town by the Ghost-Faced killer. Last episode brought Emma to get a call by her boyfriend which was soon to be revealed to be the killer using her boyfriend’s phone. The killer then proceeded to taunt Emma with a video of her boyfriend tied up inside a Carnival Funhouse. As the tension rose, Emma set off into the Funhouse and the Lakewood deputy followed. As Emma searched for Keiran, her boyfriend, the Lakewood deputy got attacked by Ghost-Face. The deputy on the ground unconscious, was soon found by Emma and momentarily after was then raided for a gun in which Emma used to shoot the masked killer only for her to shatter the glass and for him (or she) escape. The masked killer was then revealed in a intense scene as Kieran who claims he was attacked by a Ghost-Face and forced to wear the costume.


Last night’s episode started off pretty insane. A recurring part of this season actually was revisited. The dream sequence. Emma ends up dreaming up, walking down the stairs to find her friends harassing her while repeatedly saying they want to help her. Emma then stabs each one with a kitchen knife and as all three are bleeding out on the ground she awakes. As Emma awakens, she was in the same spot as her dream, even holding the knife. As her worried mom helps her drop the knife, Emma seems to have a PTSD relapse. The next morning Emma meets up with Keiran where she then reveals to him, her freak out.


After Emma made it to school, she then confronted Audry and slammed her against a locker in anger for bringing Piper to Lakewood. Damn Em! But during this Gustavo and Brooke are coming down from a steamy sex romp, and as Stavo is making his Billy Loomis exit, he nabs Brooke’s lipstick for whatever reason and makes it to school. As Emma makes it to her locker to get her stuff to leave, after her attack on Audry she’s met by a tape inside her locker, hung from a braid of hair and with her locker mirror stained with the words Play Me written in lipstick. Guess what Brooke’s lipstick was used for? My money is Stavo was all over this.


Meanwhile Audry takes her guilt fueled anger out on Noah for encouraging her to confide in Emma and for recording her confession for it to be later leaked by Noah’s gf Zoe. As Audry and Noah get to the bottom of Audry’s confession leak, Emma and Kieran play the tape from Emma’s locker which revealed Ms. Lang feared Emma and her violent tendencies. Damn Lang. Emma seems harmless to me, maybe you just have it out for her.


As Emma and Keiran made it down to the hospital to confront Ms. Lang, whose recovering from her wounds Ghost-Face gave her when he (she) threw her off the stair balcony. Emma attempted to get the ball rolling to interrogate Lang by getting her a glass of water and make nice, nice, Lang then screams in fear when she opens her eyes to find Emma standing over her. As Emma and Keiran make it of the room and discuss what just happened they spot a delivery man delivering Lang Daisies. Emma making a strange connection between her mother, (who the original town killer Brandon James would call Daisy because that was her then name) and the flowers, urges Kieran to get the to/from card. The card is addressed from Piper a.k.a Emma’s half sister. But Piper was dead since the last season finale. That means these flowers are from the killer. But who’d care enough to send flowers? Is Piper really dead? In an attempt to get the truth, Keiran sneaks into Lang’s room once again and steals her house keys. In which Keiran and Emma then use to break into Lang’s house for answers on Lang’s obsession with Emma. Their seemingly failed investigation, concluded with Emma and Keiran discovering Lang was friends with Piper after discovering a picture of Piper and Lang in a photo together in an old orphanage. That explained Lang’s obsession with Emma. Piper and Lang were friends! YES finally Lang’s creepiness makes sense. But the picture was upside down, that means the killer or someone else was there before Emma and Keiran. Was Lang helping Piper during the first massacre?


During this Noah calls Zoe over to his house for him, Audry and her to hash out who sent the confession. As Noah goes in sent files he finds it was from Zoe. Zoe then pleads her innocence that she sent it to herself to listen to it because she was such a big fan of Noah’s Morgue Podcast, and then she deleted it. Noah buys it and Zoe is set free. But is there little saga over? During THIS Emma’s mom/Lakewood Coroner reports to the sheriff the ID of the second body from the burning home Eli and Emma escaped from days before, it was Eddie. But you’d already know that if you read my recap from a couple episodes back. At this point we still never found out who the guy in the picture with was from last episode [below] but we did find out Stavo’s backstory. Sheriff Acosta revealed his son Stavo and his friend Kyle were playing with his gun back in Phoenix. Accidentally the gun went off in Kyle’s face and killed him, but Stavo didn’t show any emotion, in fact he drew a picture of his friend bleeding out. So now this raises the question, if Stavo draws the victims after they are dead, does this reveal he’s the killer?


Stavo’s innocence seems to begin to rein true though because he sneaks into his father’s office to thumb threw his files for evidence for Brooke. If Stavo was a killer why would he help unmask him (or her)? Stavo then photographs his father’s file on Mayor Maddox’s and Jake’s text message conversation before Jake’s murder by Ghost-Face. Although Stavo leaves when he finds a lot of the evidence points to him as the killer. Damn bro you were almost in the clear!


Noah ends up tracking the IP address filed under the sender of Audry’s confession to Emma and finds out it was from Zoe. As Zoe pleads her innocence and Audry detest it, Noah defends Zoe, in-turn taking Audry down to the reality of the situation, she still did what she did. She still brought Piper to Lakewood unknowning of Piper’s connection to Emma. As Audry left Noah’s to make peace with Emma, Noah cashed in his V-Card with Zoe who was ever so grateful for his set of balls he showed defending Zoe. As Noah and Zoe come off their sex high, Noah figures out how the killer recorded Audry’s confession. He (she) was recording Noah’s conversations threw the audio feed Noah stole from the Cresent Palms locker at the beginning of the season. Can you say WHAAAT?


Emma and Keiran call on the forces of Noah after they made their big reveal. Noah then reveals to them the orphanage was closed down over abuse charges against the caretakers on the orphans, which then reveals Piper’s anger against Emma’s mom for abandoning her.


As Noah and Zoe team up with Emma and Keiran to investigate the abandon orphanage for further clues they are all met by a party. Or how SCREAM likes to make it, the perfect setting for a killing. The killer and Haley a.k.a the brooding bitch that appears in-out of this season through the party at the orphanage, where all the guest seemingly were required to wear either masquerade mask or copys of the killer’s mask supplied by Haley. As Emma confronts Haley on who through the party, Haley just plays it off as a prank she and her current lover thought up. As Haley breaks away from Emma and Emma teams up with Audry to investigate and Noah teams up with Zoe to kill the electric to in turn kill the party. Haley then enters the back room of the orphanage to put supplies away when she’s met by her love. The killer, face to face with Haley stands in front of her as she flirts with him (her). But what clued me in on this killer was male was Haley dropped to her knees to uhh… before the killer revealed his knife to her. The killer surely can’t be female after that? Right? Unless this is like Halloween 5 when Michael Myers wore the old man mask to fool Tina. QUESTIONS QUESTIONS QUESTIONS! Ok so Haley got it by the killer and Keiran, Noah and Zoe were next on the killer’s list.


During this Stavo meets up with Brooke in a very Billy Loomis way and reveals his shots of his father’s file on the massacre that featured Brooke’s dad and deceased bf’s text messages. Brooke then after seeing that confronts her dad and Brooke unloads for one: He drove her mom away and for two killed her ex-bf by sending him unknowingly into the hands of the killer. And jus to wrap it up he sucks as a father. It was way more intense if you watched but, OUCH dad! What the hell! Brooke ends up leaving her father for her and Stavo to have alone time in her mother’s reserved hotel room. Emma and Audry during this discover Piper’s body in a very Friday The 13th Part 2 sort of shrine. Decked out with pictures of Piper and Piper’s body lied dead. But what was the killer doing to keep Piper from decomposing? As the cops show up to dispose of Pipe’s body, Sheriff Acosta asked Emma and Audry what happened. The two then explain Haley through the party with some guy they think is the killer. While the two were explaining, a deputy alerts the Sheriff into the orphanage where they’re both met by a very dead Haley strung up under the banner of the party, which fittingly was dubbed Facing The Mask.


Scream: Orphanage, for me was one of the stronger episodes. I personally liked the writers are keeping the consistency with the series making the premiere tie into the later episodes. Emma’s PTSD is worth delving into, she watched her friends one by one get buried and was attacked by the same killer. Of course your mind is going to be messed up. The only thing I feel is flawed with the series is the body count. Slasher fans, from I’ve been reading on different review sites, want to see Ghost-Face get even gorier each episode. This added element on top the drama element, I believe would boast ratings and bring SCREAM TV even closer to SCREAM Movies.

The Fuel rates this episode 4/5 stars



On a related note, Tracy Middendorf earlier this month put a petition out for season 3 with the goal of 1K signatures. Sadly Middnedorf didn’t get what she wanted. She got more! The petition received nearly 2K signatures!!!


On an EVEN MORE related note Noah gets stabbed during episode 10.


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