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An Interview With Erik LaRay Harvey Star Of Luke Cage And The Charnel House – Out On VOD This November

  Today, I had the pleasure of talking with actor Erik LaRay Harvey. You might recognize him as Luke Cage’s villainous, gun-running half-brother, Willis “Diamondback” Stryker, as Dunn from ‘Broardwalk Empire‘,  or from his roles in ‘Rounders‘, ‘Twister‘, and ‘K-Pax‘. Harvey also lent his voice to the character “Bombate” for the 2014 video game ‘Wolfenstein: […]

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International Trailer For Kong: Skull Island Arrives

  Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have teamed up to deliver ‘Kong: Skull Island’, whose international trailer has just arrived.  Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts delivers the next film in ‘Kong’ franchise, based on the script penned by Max Borenstein and John Gatins. Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John Goodman, Tom Wilson, John C. Reilly, […]

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WTFLOL Productions Presents The Purge: Trump Edition

  As the presidential election draws closer things are heating up in the world of politics. Donald Trump has become famous for his outrageous comments on everything from Mexicans to women. WTFLOL Productions presents ‘The Purge: Trump Edition’, from writer-director Fredrick Blake Studwell, inspired by those comments and meshes them with a parody of ‘The […]

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Acclaimed Director Gore Verbinski Returns To the Horror Genre With A Cure For Wellness

  Acclaimed director Gore Verbinski’s new mystery-thriller, ‘A Cure for Wellness’, will arrive in theaters in February of 2017. Written by Justin Haythe, the film centers on an ambitious young executive sent to retrieve his company’s CEO for an idyllic but mysterious “wellness center” located in the remote Swiss Alps. Soon the man begins to […]

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