Jess Franco’s Cult Film, MARQUISE DE SADE, To Get Restored And Remastered DVD Release

October 10, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

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Jesus “Jess” Franco was considered one of the most dangerous filmmakers of the 70’s by the Catholic Church, and directed over 200 films (feature length and shorts) in his career. Now one of his cult classics is finally making its way to DVD.

Full Moon Entertainment are giving Marquise de Sade (aka The Portrait of Doriana Gray) the full treatment, as they are restoring and remastering the film for a grand DVD release on October 24th.

Starring as both Doriana Gray and her twin sister, is Franco’s wife and longtime muse, Lina Romay. Appearing opposite Romay, as the young journalist, is Belgian born actress and showgirl, Monica Swinn.

Doriana Gray is a young aristocrat, whose twin sister resides in a mental asylum. It has always been said that twins share a special bond like no other siblings. If one is hurt the other will feel the pain and so on.

However, the connection between these twins is much different. Doriana is a cool and rational, yet frigid, young woman. On the other side of the coin is her sister, who is the recipient of all the sexual pleasure from Doriana’s carnal escapades.

A young journalist arrives to do a story on Doriana, only to discover that she is something of a vampiric nymphomaniac. By way of her sexual encounters, Doriana sucks the life-force from her sexual partners in order to maintain her youth and beauty. All the while her sister is on the receiving end of all the pleasure that Doriana will never be able to experience.

For further information about this title or to order a copy when it’s available, head on over to Full Moon Direct.

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