See The First Trailer For The Holiday Horror Film ‘Massacre On Aisle 12’ Here

October 18, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Full Auto Films and Code 3 Films have teamed up for  ‘Massacre on Aisle 12’, directed by Jim Klock and William Mark McCullough (Patient Seven).

This indie horror-comedy stars Jim Klock, Chad Ridgely, Mike Capozzi and Michael Buonomo and follows a group of hardware store employees who stumble across a bag of cash and a body.




From the Press Release:

Los Angeles, California – Full Auto Films and Code 3 Films have teamed up to bring horror fans Massacre on Aisle 12. This film is a blend of comedy and horror. The film stars: Jim Klock (“Scream Queens”) , Chad Ridgely (Murder Eleven), Mike Capozzi (“Interrogations Gone Wrong” with Keanu Reeves) and Michael Buonomo. Set for its World Premiere in November, the film’s first teaser shows several employees fighting over a bag of stolen loot. Massacre on Aisle 12 was directed by Jim Klock and William Mark McCullough (Patient Seven). As well, the script was developed by Jim Klock, from the original script written by A.J. Via and Chad Ridgely.  All of the upcoming release details for the film and the teaser are available here!

The bloodshed begins on Christmas Eve. As a hardware store begins to close, a duffel bag of cash is found, but so is a body. Now, the employees must decide what to do with both items.  Should they turn the cash in, or go on a Christmas shopping spree? Events take an even bloodier turn when the employees turn on each other.


‘Massacre on Aisle 12’ will premiere this weekend (November 4th-6th) at its world premiere  at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival. Follow the film on Facebook for updates and more.


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