[TV Review] SCREAM’ Halloween Special: Total Bloodbath ***SPOILERS***

October 19, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG


Returning with a gory and Halloween’ esque Halloween special, SCREAM aired last night. [Brutally] Murdering a main character in the opening scene, this set the tone for the rest of the episode: total bloodshed. And I kinda was not complaining.

This time around Keiran gets slashed by the so-called returning king of Lakewood Bloodshed, Brandon James. News spreads quick about his murder and it wasn’t long before Brooke came to break the news to Emma. During this Noah and Gustavo are being praised by their editor Jeremy Blair that their book on the Lakewood murders (oh, how I love the Scream 1 homages) was a hit and demands a sequel. Putting an all expense trip to Shallow Grove Island together for Noah to get inspiration by a different mass murderer, Anna Hobbs, Jeremy sends Noah, his friends and himself off. With Audry’s new girlfriend, Gina, staying back for work, Audry has enough time this episode to bond with Emma and Brooke without the Killer playing “I’m going to tell on you” every five minutes on her phone. Throughout the special, I was happy to see SCREAM returning to its slasher roots making the episode definitely bloody and the perfect mix of meta awareness.

But now for the main question here: Did SCREAM end with a two hour special/TV-movie? NOPE! As previously reported SCREAM has been renewed for a third season! So, get your asses down to Party City, Spirit Halloween or wherever (!), pick yourself up a MTV Scream Mask and find a black poncho and slap it on yourself for Halloween or on a dummy for decoration. Spread the word! SCREAM returns and will keep returning until MTV says otherwise!



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