The 80s Revenge Movie ‘The Nail Gun Massacre’ Is Getting A Remake

January 30, 2017

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Filmmakers are taking the remake fad to a whole new level. The 1985 low budget (and I mean low) film ‘Nail Gun Massacre’ is the latest film being remade.


nailgunmassacre 1


‘Fear Clinic’ director Robert Hall and Texas Frightmare Founder Lord Cryer are teaming up for the project. Hall will be directing from the script by ‘Appetites’ writer Darren Bevill.


Robert Hall and I have been talking about this for a couple of years and finally we are making it happen.” Cryer said. “Hall’s film “Lightning Bug” is a personal favorite and obviously with the unmatched death scenes in his “Laid to Rest” series, I found the right guy to bring it to life.”


Hall had this to say about the project:

I’ve been really fortunate to have amazing casts in all my films despite the budget and although I can’t reveal anything just yet, Nail Gun will be no different and feature a familiar and stellar cast … It’s going to be a FUN MOVIE for sure, however the new screenplay is really smart and we are pulling back on the camp for sure. It’s an update for today’s demanding audience bringing you WTF superb nail gun kills of course.”

If you have never heard of ‘The Nail Gun Massacre’, I’m sure you are not alone. Let me fill you in. The film, Directed by Bill Leslie and Terry Lofton, follows a helmet wearing killer who takes revenge on a crew of constructions workers after a a young girl is gang raped by the men. The killer’s weapon, a nail gun. Ouch.


nailgunmassacre 2


The new ‘Nail Gun Massacre’ is set to begin filming later this year in Texas with a release sometime in 2018.

While I usually complain about it, if someone is going to remake/reboot something, it might as well as be a film that you can actually improve. A low budget ’80s film that didn’t get a huge release is good candidate. Let’s be honest, the movie wasn’t great to begin with so it has nowhere to go but up.


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