More VOLUMES OF BLOOD To Come In Third Film Of PJ Starks’ Anthology Series

April 10, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

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Quick question for all my Little Monsters out there. Who LOVES a good horror anthology? I know that I do. In fact on of my favorite recent anthologies is PJ Starks’ Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories, the second in a series of horror anthologies, made for horror fans BY horror fans.
According to a post on Starks’ Facebook page, it looks like Volumes of Blood will add a third film, thus ending the series as a trilogy. Of course we all know that sometimes horror franchises don’t end when they say they will, and in this case I would NOT see it as a tragedy if they decided to move past three.
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Despite the fact that Volumes of Blood III is in the early development stages, I’m dying to know what Starks’ “killer” concept is. The original Volumes of Blood revolved around for students who meet at a library on Halloween night, intent on creating four new urban legends. The next installment, Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories, focused on house and certain holidays and special days like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fathers Day and even someones birthday.

In an official press release from the producers, it was made it clear how they are looking to create a worthy swan song for the third and final film in the Volumes of Blood series.

  “Blood Moon Pictures is planning to make this film bigger and better than previous two and they’re reaching out to the horror community to help them. They’re looking for talented artists, writers and filmmakers with creative story ideas to pitch them a segment for the next film. If your story is selected you’ll receive credit in the film and help close out the final chapter in Volumes of Blood universe. To find out more information on how you can become involved, send an email to for guidelines and regulations.”

This is the first time that Starks and Huskisson have ever put a feeler out to the creative minds of the horror community in such a fashion. But it’s certain to yield some interesting and exciting segment ideas for their upcoming film. And despite the fact that the producers are taking a different creative tack, Stark in particular has voiced his eagerness to find and help fulfill the potential of some creative horror fans and help them become story tellers.

“I’ve been saying since day one that these films were made by horror fans for horror fans. Typically, the stories came from myself or another filmmaker directly involved with the film, but this time we wanted to reach out directly to the horror fans and have them tell us what they’d like to see in the new VOB. This will be a cool opportunity to meet and work with some new talent.”

As excited as the producers may be to get rolling on this project, which is rumored to be starting in the fall, I’m sure fans of the existing Volumes are equally excited if not more so.
So my little monsters, as I  urge you to remain vigilant in your pursuit of news on this upcoming third installment, I also ask you to temper said vigilance with patience…or as much patience as we horror fans can muster. As more news and information becomes available about Volumes of Blood III, come on back and see what’s .in store.
Fans can also follow the official Volumes of Blood Facebook and Twitter pages for additional information regarding the films.

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