Final Girls Berlin Film Festival Adds Second Edition

April 22, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

I will have to admit that before Women in Horror Month rolled around this year, I was unaware of its existence.  Shame on me!  I love the outcry to not only celebrate the great women in horror, but to encourage more female focus in the genre.  That is what the Final Girls Berlin Film Festival is all about. It is a celebration and an invitation to women in horror. And, due to the overwhelming success of the February Festival, a second 2017 edition has just been announced!
Festival programmer, Eli Lewy has announced that “Women’s genre output is severely underrepresented in horror communities and we want to do our bit in changing that,” says festival programer Sara Neidorf. “Many believe that women who love genre films are a minority but that’s simply not true: women make up half or more of horror audiences, and it’s high time they have a chance to watch films that aren’t dominated by the male gaze or filled with one-dimensional, disposable female characters. It’s time to celebrate films that represent us, instead of objectify us,”
This Second Edition will take place from June 9 – 11 and all you wonderful wicked, terrifyingly talented women are encouraged to submit your horror short films or features.
The regular deadline is April 22nd and our late deadline is May 3rd, so don’t miss your chance!  Submit your entries here
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Do not miss this three day celebration of horror and the women who bring it to life.

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