‘Endemic’ Mixes Modern Zombies With Classic Roleplaying

June 1, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Dungeons and Dragons is host to some of the most creative monsters in popular fiction, but one thing it’s never addressed is a full on apocalyptic epidemic. Or an Endemic as a new zombie themed RPG coins it. From creator and visionary Lance Yoshioka, Endemic is a dynamic table top role playing game, with zombie survival horror, combat systems, rules for zombification, and all the undead fun D&D Heads have ever wanted.
Me and a few friends played a few rounds of Endemic together, and while it was a dense game to get into (the rulebook is 256 pages, with everything from Armor Durability to if a Snow Plow could outrun a zombie), we had a lot of fun. The thing that set Endemic apart for me was the focus on survival; unlike many traditional RPG’s, where your quests take you on hunts for treasure and glory, your only goal here is to not get your face bitten off, rather by a zombie or a even ghastlier type of ghoul.
Frankly the density is a blessing and a curse. This is a fun game, but it’s not one your going to learn the ends and out off in one session, or even five. It’s a perfect game to get lost in for hours with a good group of RPG loving buddies on a Saturday afternoon, but maybe not one you want to break out at a party. Your guests might get confused about the differences between all five types of zombies, or the varying chances of landing a shot with your rifle based on your characters post traumatic stress disorder.
For $15 bucks though, your picking up a hell of a large game, and one capable of generating a lot of good times. Give it a shot.
Endemic can be purchased here. 

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