Take A Ride Down ‘Lost Gully Road’ In It’s First Teaser

June 10, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

For fans of a horror down under, Lost Gully Road, the new Austrailan Supernatural Thriller from Johnny Ghost director Donna McRae might be just what it takes to scratch that Aussie itch, with the first teaser dropping onto Youtube. And teaser is the right word for it, because this little trailer doesn’t tell you jack shit about the movie.

   Not that going into a movie knowing jack shit about it is necessarily a bad thing. Nothing ruins a good twisty movie like spoiling the hell out of it in the marketing.

      From the press release, Lost Gully Road “tells the story of Lucy, a directionless young woman who travels to a secluded cottage in the forest to wait for her sister.  With no television and little communication with the outside world she spends her days alone and drinking to pass the time. That is, until her unexpected host decides to keep her company…”

     Wow, spending days alone and drinking to pass the time. Certainly not something I can relate too…… Anyhoo, Lost Gully Road is looking to be a respectable little film, even at this early stage of production. Keep your eyes glued to Horrorfuel as I’m sure we’ll have plenty to say as the film develops further.

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