The Second Season Of ‘The Exorcist’ Will Be Here Soon !

June 22, 2017


Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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exorcist 2
A few months ago we were extremely happy to report that ‘The Exorcist’ would be getting a second season after all. Now, we know a premiere date, thanks to the official Facebook Page for the series. Amazingly, it won’t be long before the next chapter of the story is revealed. Grab a bible and some holy water, the second season of ‘The Exorcist’ will premiere on September 29, 2017.
During a conversation with Bloody Disgusting back late last year the series’ creator and showrunner Jeremy Slater had this to say about what the second season might bring:

A potential season two would find Marcus, Tomas and Bennett tasked with helping a new family or a new case of possession. That doesn’t mean we’ll never see any of the Rances again, but I think the fans would feel disappointed and cheated if we simply brought Captain Howdy back for round three. The Rances have escaped this legacy of terror–for the time being, anyway–and it seems cruel to immediately drag them back for ten more episodes of suffering. Our challenge now is to create a new family that you care about just as much as the Rances, and to find ways to make their story feel just as compelling and unique as what came before.”
“We would always continue to expand our mythology moving forward. We know that Maria Walters and Superintendent Jaffey and Cardinal Guillot are still out there somewhere, but I think the conspiracy probably runs much deeper than that. When we left our heroes at the end of the first season, they were part of only a handful of people on the planet that know this conspiracy is taking place, that evil is infiltrating every level of church and state.”

It’s good to hear that Ortega (Alfonzo Herrera), Marcus (Ben Daniels) and Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) will probably be back. They were fantastic in the first season.
While there is no official word about the plot, it would be odd for it to be too far off from what the creator described. We will keep you posed as more details are revealed.


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