History Channel’s ‘American Ripper’ May Finally Prove The Identity Of Jack The Ripper

July 4, 2017

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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american ripper
This July, an new series will be premiering on The History Channel, American Ripper. The 8-part series will delve into the possibility that the real identity of Jack The Ripper has been discovered through genetic testing and other evidence.
The theory that Jack The Ripper was actually H. H. Holmes, the infamous American serial killer who built the killer hotel, has long been recognized as a possibility.  The series will shed light on the belief that the two killers are one in the same with evidence that includes a published memoir by Holmes, clues from his childhood and early victims in Gilmanton, NH, crime scene photos, interviews with historians and detectives, new leads on the remains of Holmes’ murder victims, and more.
Now, with the help of Jeff Mudgett, the great-great-grandson of Herman Mudgett (aka Holmes), there is a real chance that people might finally get more than speculation, real proof. Back in May we told you that the body of Holmes was being exhumed. Now, we know why.
Holmes, whose real name is Herman Mudgett, killed upwards of 200 people in his “murder castle”. The hotel operated during the World’s Fair and was built and designed with murder in mind. The hotel had hidden body shoots, and rooms that appeared normal, but were actually gas chambers. There was even a crematorium built into the basement so that he could dispose of bodies and evidence. Holmes would kill guests, clean and bleach their bones, then sell their skeletons to medical schools and doctors. Holmes’ murderous life ended May 7, 1896 when he was executed in Philadelphia.
Tune in for the premiere of American Ripper on Tuesday, July 11th at 10 p.m. on The History Channel.

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