We Have A Fourth ‘Hatchet’ Film!–Adam Green Drops A Bombshell At L.A. ‘Hatchet’ Screening

August 23, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Last week we posted an article regarding Adam Green showing a free screening of the original Hatchet tonight at the Arclight Hollywood in LA.  We mentioned that for Hatchet fans they’d better cancel their plans to attend.  Well, we hope they took our advice and here’s why…
It just so happened that I tuned in to Adam Green’s live Facebook feed during his presentation prior to screening the film, and he proceeded to drop a bombshell on the audience by recounting a story where the late George Romero encouraged him to keep the Hatchet franchise alive, and that the audience would not be seeing the original Hatchet film tonight, but instead they would be viewing a BRAND NEW HATCHET FILM!
That’s right, tonight in L.A. Adam Green is premiering the 4th Hatchet film in the franchise, titled Victor Crowley.  Green didn’t give many details about the film, other than it was filmed in secret over that last two years.  He also mentioned that he’d be taking the film on a tour over the coming months.
Audience members stood and erupted in applause at Green’s sudden revelation this evening, and I, for one, am jealous as hell!  There will surely be more details to report in the coming weeks, so keep it tuned here at horrofuel.com for the latest details.

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