The X-Files’ 11th Season Details Surface

August 23, 2017


Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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After 25 years, ‘The X-Files’ is still a favorite to both new and old fans alike. Will we all know that “the truth is out there”, so when news came that we would be getting an 11th season we were ecstatic. The fact that season will feature more episodes than last year’s revival is just icing on the cake. This time around, fans will get a 10-episode season that will premiere in 2018.
Both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will back to play their iconic characters Agent Fox Mulder and Agent Dana Scully. I mean let’s face it, it wouldn’t be ‘The X-Files’ without them. Mitch Pileggi will also be back, reprising his role as assistant director of the FBI, Walter Skinner. Annabeth Gish has announced that she will return as Monica Reyes from the 2016 revival.
Several new cast members have been announced including Barbara Hershey (Damien) who have a recurring role as a “powerful figure who represents a mysterious organization.”
Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, and James Wong will once again be writing the scripts. They will be joined by Gabe Rotter, Benjamin Van Allen, and Brad Follmer.
Fox Entertainment president David Madden had this to say about the new season:

When we start the [new] season, it will pick up right where the season finale from the last season left off,” Madden stated. “So it’s that big – if you remember the ending, with the helicopters [circling]. It takes you right from there. We will then get launched into a very urgent adventure that will have a lot to do with William, Mulder and Scully’s kid. The search for William will thread through the show.” Madden continued, “You will see the Cigarette Smoking Man, you may even see, maybe, tips of the Lone Gunmen somewhere in there,” he continued. “There will be other characters from the previous mythology that will be reprised. Eight of the [ten] episodes will be standalone stories, more classic X-Files, Mulder and Scully and other characters plunging into [mysteries].”


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