Casting News For The Paranormal Thriller ‘When It Rings’

August 24, 2017

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Acadamy Award and Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland and Holy Terror actor Mel Novak have joined the indie thriller When it Rings from co-writers and co-directors Ty Haisten and David Rivers who will be making their feature debut.
From the Press Release:
Sally Kirkland and Mel Novak have joined the cast of the indie thriller When it Rings being toplined by newcomer Gonzalo Martin. This film is being co-directed first-time directors Ty Haisten and David Rivers, who also co-wrote the script. Sophia Monti, Mann Alfonso and Amy Ellenberger co-star. 
For the first time since the death of his sister, Zach (Martin) returns to his childhood home to get it ready for sale. While there, he uncovers an old toy phone he once used to “talk” to his dead sister. Years of counseling convinced him it was all in his head until an unexpected call comes through the plastic phone, setting off a series of terrifying events, and making him question what, and who, is real.
Ten years ago, when they were kids, Zach’s sister drowned in their backyard pool. Following that tragedy, his mom (Ellenberger) became too unstable to take care of him and Zach moved out with his dad (Alfonso) to live. Now, after years of coping, Zach returns to the house with his father, to sell it. While going through his things, Zach finds the old toy phone he thought was long gone. After it begins ringing, Zach must decide whether to answer it, and open up old wounds, or get rid of it, and the only connection to his dead sister, forever. What he decides will make him question, not only his own reality, but the circumstances behind his sister’s death. 
Tyrone Tann of Stauros Entertainment, Ellecina Eck, Haisten and Rivers are producing this film. 
Filming is underway in Los Angeles. 
Kirkland, who is starred in JFK and Bruce Almighty, won a Golden Globe for her performance in Anna, where she also received an Oscar nomination. And more recently, she had a turn in The Most Hated Woman in America currently streaming on Netflix. She is repped by Greene and Associates and Valerie McCaffrey Management. 
Novak’s credits include Bruce Lee’s final film, Game of Death, Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance and Check Point. He will also be featured alongside Mel Gibson in Greg Laurie’s upcoming documentary, Steve McQueen: American Icon and he recently guest starred in the three time Peabody nominated series Suspense show on XM satellite radio. Novak is repped by The Williamson Management. 
Gonzalo Martin leads the cast that includes Amy Ellenberger, Mann Alfonso, Sophia Monti, Tyrone Tann, Marcus Louis Fien, and Taylor Lyons.

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