The World Of Urban Legends: Pinky Pinky

September 14, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

There are countless urban legends or myths that litter our lives with fear.  Things like Bloody Mary of the phone call to the babysitter coming from inside the house.  I love these tales.  But I find that the most terrifying ones come from other countries.  I don’t know if they are more terrifying because of the actual content or just because they seem new and are more unknown to us.
Take, for instance, the South African urban legend of Pinky Pinky.  This is a tale of a specter or spirit or monster who lives in the girls bathrooms at schools.  As the tale goes, if you wear pink you upset the monster and he does all manner of foul things to the offending girls including injuries, murder and rape.
The creature, according to the many sightings back in the early ‘90s, has one hand that is a paw and the other a claw.  It resembles another African monster called Tokoloshe (Look him up, pretty freaking creepy).  Boys are unable to see Pinky Pinky, but there have been instances where boys claim they have been attacked by it.
Fortunately, sightings of the pink monster have decreased in recent years, but the myth remains.

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