Short Movie Review: ‘The Body’ Is Murderously Amusing

September 28, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

A professional killer has fulfilled his obligation, he has taken a life. All that’s left to do now is dispose of the corporal evidence (that’s corpse to you and me, Rusty). The key to a long tenure in such a vocation is disposing of the evidence cleanly and efficiently without detection of any kind. One would have to be crazy to just brazenly parade their fresh kill around in the open for everyone to see…right? Well it just so happens that our killer is about to do so, and on the one night of the year that nobody would likely give so much as a suspicious glance – Halloween.
With “the body” cocooned in plastic, Mr. Killer is now prepared to venture out onto the busy streets of London with his “friend” in tow. On his journey, he will meet all manner of revelers caught up in the Halloween spirit, and they can’t help but compliment him for his “killer” Halloween prop. Some are even so inclined as to invite him to join them on this festive night.
The Body was directed by Paul Davis from a script he co-wrote with Paul Fischer. What the two Pauls have created, is a story that is as humorous as it is macabre. They show that people are so used to horrific displays on Halloween, and that not only can a man get away with murder on that night, he can also drag the fucking body around like it’s a costume accessory. I am a huge fan of morbid and dark humor, and it’s the oblivious nature of everyone the killer encounters that creates the foundation of this film’s comedic content. Whether people are complimenting him on having the coolest Halloween prop they’ve seen, or wanting a selfie with the REAL wrapped up corpse, it’s hard to keep a straight face. It’ may seem a laughable premise, but it’s one that could totally happen in the world we live in.
Alfie Allen did a fantastic job in the role of the killer. Yes, that Alfie Allen…the one from John Wick and Game oif Thrones. He has a cool and steely demeanor, that really made him perfect for this role. It’s not only in the way he speaks his lines, but it’s also his body language and facial expressions that really do most of the talking for him. Especially when he sees how casually people react to his “cool prop corpse”. his supporting cast, which consists of Jack Gordon, Hannah Tointon, Christian Brassington, Evie Wray and Ben Matthews,  are priceless as they welcome the killer to join their Halloween festivities, all the while they are clueless their new “friend” is a stone cold killer, who is casually dragging his latest victim along behind. The group are just so natural in their relaxed, laid back, party going demeanor and banter. so much so, one might think it was actually shot during a real party.
This film also looked really good, as Eben Bolter’s cinematography and Gary Forrester’s editing gave it a really natural flow and pacing. As for the shot composition and camera movement, it created a very organic feel for the scenes. And the music provided by Osymyso was an excellent accompaniment to the film.
I thoroughly enjoy well made comedies that are rooted in the morbid and the macabre, and blending horror and comedy requires a delicate balance. So all things considered, I just want to say…Tall Paul…Kesslerboy…Mr. Davis, well done you. It’s my opinion that you need to make something in the same vein, but in feature length. For all my Little Monsters out there, I highly recommend watching this short. And it just so happens to be available at Paul Davis’ website, watch for free.
So run…scurry…flee, my Little Monsters! Go forth and get an eyeful (or both eyes full for that matter) of The Body. Because to say I was entertained by this short film would be an understatement.  8 ½ / 10

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