A Recap Of Episodes 1 Through 3 Of ‘Channel Zero: No-End House’

October 10, 2017


Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Before the fourth episode airs we a recap of the first three episodes of ‘Channel Zero: No-End House’, the second season of the series based on Creepypasta tales.
From creator, showrunner, and co-writer Nick Antosca (Hannibal) comes the tale of four friends who enter the mysterious No-End House.
The second season of ‘Channel Zero’ centers on Margot Sleator, played by Amy Forsyth (The Path), a young woman and her best friend Jules (Aisha Dee), who visit the No-End House, a bizarre house of horror that consists of a series of six increasingly disturbing rooms. When Margot returns home, she realizes everything has changed.
In the premiere episode, the four enter the house to discover the first room that is filled with sculptures of their faces. After the lights briefly go out and return they see what looks like hands tearing the heads open, but they have four rooms to go. After the girls exit the house and return home they realize that the experience is far from over. Margot is extremely shocked to find her father, who died in real life from an allergic reaction, is alive and well. Talk about traumatic.

When we talked with Antosca after the premiere he said that he is “interested in is based on is an atmospheric dread.” He continued and brought up IT and ‘Twin Peaks’. (read more here)

We all saw what happened this weekend with ‘IT’ this weekend. There is a desire for horror storytelling right now. Audiences crave it and they want it on TV too. It’s just a different kind of horror storytelling. I think ‘Twin Peaks’ is a good example of that. The reason that has been so sticky and people still respond to it after so long. It uses the TV medium to create a world of pervasive atmospheric dread.” He also stated that he wanted to give the feeling that “the deeper you go you inside the house, the deeper it goes inside you.”

In the second episode, the series takes on a darker tone. Margot and Jules deal with the presence of Jules’ father (John Caroll Lynch) as Seth and JT set off on their own terrifying paths. Dylan is on a secret mission to find his wife.

Antosca, who describes the world the characters experience in the ‘No-End House’ as “nightmares”, also had this to say:

 Well, I’m using nightmare as a figurative term, in the sense that they have a horrifying experience. They think it’s over, but it’s not over. Because it’s not a nightmare in the sense that she’s asleep, and it’s not real. It is real.”

In episode three, Margot flees her father with the help of Jules after he confesses that he needs to feed on her memories. And Dylan attempts to deprogram his wife Lacey after tieing her to a chair and killing her husband who was created by the house.

We see John Caroll Lynch’s character eating the memory of Margot’s mother. We asked Antosca what was actually inside that body.

We call those things flesh memories. They represent people, things, and experiences that he is feeding on. As far as production reality, what’s inside that body is a kind of a horrible tapioca with chocolate syrup and dye on it. John Caroll Lynch ate a lot of it and was a very good sport about it. We wanted it to have an organic feel that would be kind of familiar, but internal and disturbing. You should not be quite sure what it is but grossed out by it. Nick Antosca said.”

Episode four is titled ‘The Exit’. As the group tries to exit The No-End House, a betrayal and revelation threaten their bid for freedom.
Antosca describes the fourth episode their “Wizard of Oz” episode. The characters will be taking “a dangerous journey”. He also said that “someone’s true identity is revealed.

Be sure to tune in every Wednesday at 10/9c for ‘Channel Zero: No-End House’ on Syfy. You can catch up on any episodes you’ve missed by on Syfy.com 

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