Gamers Explore Thai Horror In ‘Home Sweet Home’

December 5, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Many Gamers love a good horror game, especially when they deal with the supernatural in ways we’re not culturally familiar with. Most foreign horror games many gamers are familiar with come from Japan exposing many to Japanese styles of Ghost Storytelling. A game came out this year in September that’s exposing players to Ghost Storytelling from Thailand in Home Sweet Home, a first-person, stealth-horror game from Thai developer Yggdrazil Group Co. Players take on the role of a man whose wife has been missing resulting in him becoming depressed and distant. He awakes in what appears to be a dorm room where he later encounters the violent spirit of a young woman; he awakens in his home thinking it was a dream, till he looks under the stairs in his home.
The game takes players into a Thai horror movie-like experience where they must solve puzzles and use stealth to avoid being attacked by the vengeful spirits of individuals whose identities can be uncovered by players as they explore their surroundings. The game offers insight into Thai mythology and lore, some of which will be unfamiliar with players who may be inclined to do a bit of research into Thai culture, as Fatal Frame made me become interested in Japanese culture especially it’s lore and mythology.
The game is available to play on PC and for those adventurous (or foolish) the game can be played with VR goggles. If you don’t game on PC but are interested in seeing the game, plenty of YouTubers have videos up of them playing the game. This game won the hearts of many and hopefully will open the doors for more Thai Horror games in the future.

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