Ridley Scott Planning Another ‘Alien’ Film

December 5, 2017

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Fans of the Alien franchise will be happy to learn that even though critics weren’t a big fan of Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott has not given up on the franchise. In fact, he still has plans to make another film.
Even though Scott has several projects underway, including re-shooting scenes from All the Money thanks to Kevin Spacey being replaced after sexual harassment allegations, and preparing for his next film which is an adaption of Don Winslow’s The Cartel, Scott has definite plans to continue the Alien franchise.
Scott told EW about his plan:

We are [going to make another], we are. I think what we have to do is gradually drift away from the alien stuff.” He continued, “People say,’You need more chest bursting,’ so I put a lot of that in Covenant and it fit nicely. But I think if you go again you need to start finding another solution that is more interesting. I think AI is becoming much more dangerous and therefore more interesting.” He went on to say, “Fassbender was an AI, Ian Holm [from Alien] was an AI; Roy Batty [from Blade Runner] was an AI; so was Rachael [from Blade Runner]. They put two AIs together and they were communing. It already invented a f-ing language! And they couldn’t decipher what the language was so they had to switch them off. What was said and where’s it gone? They could already implemented something we don’t know.”


What Scott is referring to is when Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research lab’s chatbots developed their own unique language to communicate. It’s a scary thought that AI might one day take over. Many companies are now working on AI robots. Things could go very wrong, think The Terminator, or I, Robot.

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