Salt Mines Coming To ‘Friday The 13th : The Game’

March 23, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

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First off, no, it’s not a new level. In fact, it’s a place players of the game DON’T want to go. The multiplayer-based game Friday the 13th: The Game has a group of players taking on the role of “councilors” at Camp Crystal Lake while another player is selected to be the behemoth masked killer Jason who hunts them down and kills them. Players can escape different ways from the camp only when they complete the right tasks to accomplish the chosen method of escape.
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Of course, like any other online game players deal with the second most despised online player gamers hate encountering, “the salty”. In gaming, “salty” describes a player who gets upset at losing or being out-played by another player this immediately then leads them to turn into the next type of gamer people hate encountering online, the rager. A “rager” is a player who is enraged who usually stays in a state of rage for the rest of the game but usually result in them doing the log off of shame, rage-quitting.
Funny to most, a sin to others, “rage-quitting” is when a player logs off or leaves the game after dying while in the middle of a game. In the case of Friday the 13th: The Game, this is a major problem and constant annoyance. Players who are the councilors “robbed” Jason of his kills by logging out of the game right when Jason is about to catch or kill the other player, robbing the player controlling Jason of stats.

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The councilors are not the only ones known to rage-quit, players controlling Jason have been known to do this as well if they can’t get a kill or they leave the game resulting in the game suddenly ending since there’s no killer if a councilor quits the game can keep going…unless they’re hosting the game and then everyone is kicked back into the lobby.
The problem has become so great that the game developers at Gun Media are now taking action. On the official forum, the developers have announced that the “salt mines” are coming. The salt mine is a name given to a special lobby where players known for rage-quitting are teamed up away from regular players. An update coming soon to the game will award rage-quitting players with “salt” currency for whenever a player quits early, quits as they’re being killed, quits as Jason, and quits while being a host. How much salt is earned for each infraction and if it goes away over time is a secret.
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