Tara Reid Talks ‘Sharknado 6’, Saying Goodbye, And More In An Interview

May 23, 2018

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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With Sharknado 6, the final film of the franchise, approaching star Tara Reid sat down with me to discuss the movie, as well as some of the other films that she has starred in, and a few of the films she has coming out.
Reid has starred in many roles on both TV and Film, including “Days of Our Lives”, The Big Lebowski, American Pie, Van Wilder, Urban Legend, “Scrubs”, Alone in the Dark, and of course, the Sharknado franchise.

Tara Reid in American Pie 2

Horror Fuel: “You started acting at a really young age. What was your experience like growing up in the industry?”
Tara Reid: “I don’t think I realized that I was growing up in the industry. I lived in New Jersey and started working when I was six. I went to auditions and everything in New York City. Then after high school, I moved out to L.A. to get to the place where we are talking on the phone right now.”
Horror Fuel: “The Sharknado franchise is so big. Which has been your favorite?”
Tara Reid: “Out of all of them, it’s this last one. Six is the best one. We’re gonna end this movie with a boom. It’s the right way to say goodbye to the fans, to all the amazing people that were there for us and Sharknado. We’re time traveling, we’re in the dinosaur age, we’re seeing George Washington. It’s funny, it’s loveable.
There’s one thing about Sharknado, it brings families together. It’s a fun family movie. No one bullies. American Pie was basically the opposite, and everyone was awkward. Sharknado is nothing like that. It’s all about family. It’s all about protecting the world and parents protecting their children.”

Photo: Tyler Golden/Syfy

Horror Fuel: “After you lost your hand in Sharknado, how did they replace it? Was it practical effects?”
Tara Reid: “It was ridiculous. We didn’t have the budget. The hand itself is funny, it’s robotic. I kept it covered up the whole time with a black glove if you notice.”

Horror Fuel: “What can fans expect for Sharknado 6?”
Tara Reid: “They can expect whatever they loved about the first five, the craziness, the silliness, the movie that is so bad it’s great. Sharknado is great, but it’s graduating. It has had a six-year run, but it is time to let it go. We did things that you would never do. But it’s not for us, but the fans. We have the best fans. I’ve been in huge cult movies, like The Big Lebowski and American Pie, but there is no bigger fan base than I have had with Sharknado.”
Horror Fuel: Speaking of The Big Lebowski, how did it feel to be part of that film?”
Tara Reid: “I was young at the time. It was like the second movie I ever got. I was new in L.A. and I didn’t realize who they even were at the time. It was a big call back. I think I was called back four times. And then I remember the last time I was in the room with Charlize Theron and by then I knew who they were, obviously. I thought I would never get the part like it was some joke. I was so nervous when I went in for my audition, but obviously, they liked me and they called me the next day and I got the part.”
Horror Fuel: “What are you working on now?”
Tara Reid: “We have a lot of things coming out. We have Party Bus to Hell which is a movie about Burning Man. They are on their way to Burning Man on a party bus and it’s all crazy. They get lost in the desert. It’s actually a comedy. They break rules and I like it when they break rules.  I think that’s what makes cult classics and I’ve been in a lot of them. I think out of all the movies right now, Party Bus to Hell might be the biggest one of them. They are already working on Party Bus 2. When you watch it, you’ll see. I love it.”

I did another movie called Art of the Dead. It’s a horror film where the painting is haunted.
Then we have Ouija House. It’s about what happens when you mess with bad things or bad spirits.”

There’s another one called Traction.  It’s about the American government and we find out about the terrorists in London. It’s kind of about a true story, but not really. I come over and take control and we get the main killer. It’s totally different.
There’s another one about a mom and then we have another one about a detective. This year is exciting for me. And a lot of times in Hollywood they say you are typecast, for me, not anymore. This year is going to big. We just signed a five-picture deal too. Things are going really good right now.”
Horror Fuel: “It sounds like it. You’ve been a busy lady.”
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Party Bus to Hell and Ouija House are both now out on Digital. Don’t miss Sharknado 6, premiering on Syfy on August 19th. As for Art of the Dead, it will be out later this year.

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