‘Resident Evil 2’ Remake Looks Good, Scary Good

June 13, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

It’s been rumored ever since Capcom did a remake of “Resident Evil” that they would remake their equally popular sequel. Well at E3 it was confirmed, the remake is coming January of 2019!

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The reveal trailer showed a mix of cinematic and gameplay images confirming one thing to veteran fans of the original… this is a terrifying new game! Like the more recent “Resident Evil” games (with the exception of “RE7”), the game will be an over the shoulder third-person game.
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The main focus of course is it’s obvious the game was strapped into a chair and pumped full of nightmare fuel. The setting looks darker, grittier, and bloodier the way a zombie video game should be. If the remake of “Resident Evil 2” looks terrifying, imagine when they remake “Resident Evil 3: Nemesis”!

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