The Losers Club Will Perform The Ritual Of Chüd In ‘IT: Chapter 2’

September 12, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

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Screenwriter Gary Dauberman has confirmed that the craziest part of Stephen King’s famed novel “IT” will be in the upcoming film, IT: Chapter 2 and NO it’s not the orgy scene!
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The famed “Ritual of Chüd” will be seen on screen for the first time. The ritual in question comes directly from the novel and is the true way to defeat the creature Pennywise. It’s a battle of wills where once started, those partaking in it are taken to another dimension.
The ritual starts when one of the club members touches their tongue on top of Pennywise’s tongue, from there are bound when another member of the Losers club bites down on both tongues. From there another one of the Losers tells jokes and the first one to laugh is sent to the underworld.
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Since this will be in the film, it only means one thing; we may be able to now see Maturin, the famed giant galactic turtle who makes an appearance in the novel, as well as the “Dark Tower” series, and who also appeared as an Easter Egg in the 2017 film where Bill finds a turtle built out of legos in Georgie’s room.

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