Xbox One Review: ‘Amnesia Collection’ PART 1

October 6, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

I’ve wanted to review the new “Amnesia Collection” that’s out now on Xbox One, but I wanted to give the main game “Amnesia: The Dark Descent” a fair review since it’s been out for years and many opinions and reviews were already made about it, so here we go.
You play as a man named Daniel, an explorer who awakens in a castle with no memory of how he got there but finds a trail of liquid that he follows and soon discovers clues to his past. He was cursed after an encounter with a mystical orb on an expedition. As the curse of a shadow haunts him he seeks help from a baron named Alex, who’s been experimenting with the orbs that have otherworldly powers that either allows those in control of it to travel different plains of existence or immortality.
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Through exploring the castle, Daniel learns what he and Alex have done in their quest to control the power of the orbs as well as ridding him of his curse not only makes him question his sanity even more but his moral well being as well.
Daniel’s mental health is key in the game. If he’s in the dark too long he begins to experience hallucinations as is “sanity” goes down which can lead to damaging his health. To combat this you’ll have to find tinderboxes to light candles or torches to make light, you’ll also be using a lamp but you need to keep refilling it with oil.
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There’s no combat in the game, instead, when you encounter any of the monsters, you’ll need to hide and in some cases, outrun them. There are times you can pick up and throw objects to distract your enemies. I found that when you encounter enemies it’s best to just find a dark corner and crouch staring at the wall since staring at the monsters will lower your sanity and make them notice you.
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Overall I really liked the story, it was unique in its own right and it kept you wanting to play. The controls were laid out well transitioning from PC to Console for smooth control. The sound effects were amazing adding to the atmosphere, and the voice acting was pretty good. The art of the game (and graphics) were perfect! Judging from pictures and clips I’ve seen of the PC version seemed to have kept its shine.

Now the big part, the “scares”, personally I thought I was in for a seriously “crap your pants” roller coaster as many Youtubers over the years screamed into internet fame while playing it and people on gaming forums saying it’s the “scariest” game they’ve ever played. Instead of a roller coaster, I experienced an average tilt-a-whirl.
Before people get upset, YES, I did what’s asked to immerse myself in the game, I played at night in a dimly lit room, I had surround sound headphones on, and I took my time to explore the game and not rush through it. Still, some of the scares in the game were predictable but I will admit there was a couple jump scares that got me good. I know that some people have different experiences, fear is unique like fingerprints, and some people have their fears triggered differently than others.
If you want to experience “Amnesia: The Dark Descent” for yourself, go for it! The game is legendary and worth the respect, on my scale of five stars it’s a 4, but this won’t be my only “Amnesia” review. Stay tuned for my reviews of “Justine” and “A Machine for Pigs”!

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